Yamajit (John C. Hollensbe-Mayer B.S., MA, YTT200) is a professional educator living in Denver, Colorado. He holds degrees in Biology and Archetypal Psychology and has presented classes in different aspects of spirituality and public rituals for over thirty years. He was called to the devotion of the Divine Mother in the form of Ma Kali in 2001 and has traveled throughout India and Nepal visiting many of her holy places, both as a pilgrim and volunteer teacher. Yamajit founded Chamunda Mandir, a small temple in Denver, Colorado dedicated to Ma Kali in 2009 (Now called Tridevi Chamunda Mandir), and holds regular pujas, meditations, healings, and classes. Those with questions and those interested in participating in temple events are welcome to contact the Yamajit at aumcdevi@gmail.com. The temple YouTube channel is Tridevi Chamunda Mandir with Yamajit and there are recordings of Pujas, Meditation’s, and Satsangs (classes) accessible to all.