Free Class with Anna Volak

One free yoga, Monstermash workout, or gothic fusion bellydance class with Anna Volak.

Anna Volak has been teaching healing movement and meditation since 2011. As a RYT(registered Yoga teacher), fitness and certified BellyDance instructor, she guides heart centered classes modified to your needs and sprinkles them with witchy goodness.

The last 4 years, she has been leading a Gothic Fusion BellyDance collective called Sanctum Noir(who has also performed at the Dark Goddess Featival in Denver the past 3 years). She also has many Yoga, Yoga fitness and meditation classes on

She has donated her performance art for your viewing pleasure and also a free class for a lucky winner to try out. To redeem free class, the winner must contact Anna at

Check out her classes listed in events on Sanctum Noir’s Facebook page and/or her Yoga videos at

Blessed be Dark Goddess:)O(: