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Grief & Working with the Dead


Grief & Working with the Dead

Presenter:  Willow Rush

This workshop will be in two parts. Given what 2020 has brought us, and the astrological alignments at the time of this event, I can’t separate the topic of working with the dead from the topic of grief. There is tremendous grief in the world at this time, with many souls leaving the planet at once. 

Part 1: The Sacredness of Grief 

Grief is often met with disdain, fear, and a strong urge to get it far away from you so it doesn’t consume you. But what you resist persists, and the only way out of grief is through it. 

Join me in a meditation to meet your grief and listen to its message. This meditation will ask of you to go into the emotion of grief and be with it, and to suspend your fears and judgments to create more awareness and consciousness about the energy we call grief. We will end this segment with a grounding exercise with the Dark Mother. 

Part 2: Working with the Dead

There are many ways to be a medium, to work with the dead and with spirits. There is not a one-size-fits-all method with them, just as there is not with the way we relate to living people. Find out what questions to ask to communicate with the spirits to facilitate them and you. Spirits are still beings of consciousness and free will, and they are also not more powerful than we are simply because they are no longer bound by physical embodiment. While we may assist them to remove their consciousness from this planet if that is what their energy is asking for, that may not be the reason they want to interact with you. 


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