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Rosa Mystica: Triumph of the Black Madonna


Rosa Mystica: Triumph of the Black Madonna

Presenter:  Yeshe Matthews

Have you ever been in a situation where, no matter how truthful you were, how clearly you tried to explain yourself, or how many details you shared about a situation, people refused to hear or believe you? Many of us can relate to being the child unfairly blamed for another child’s doings, being a non-traditional practitioner disbelieved about our spiritual experiences, or being misunderstood or misinterpreted when we tried to stand up for ourselves against bullies, gossip, lies, or gaslighting. This experience is part of life especially for those who fall outside the margins of the dominant cultural paradigm, such as people of color, impoverished and underserved people, and people who have suffered sexual assault. It is what happened with the Salem Witch Trials, what happened with the cases of many people who have been killed or imprisoned by police for crimes they did not commit, and what happened in the case of Pierina Gilli, visionary of the Virgin Mary Rosa Mystica. The Black Madonna is patron of those who are demeaned, unseen, or oppressed, and she hears and believes the cries of those in pain, those disbelieved, those condemned for things they did not do, and those who have gone unwitnessed in their sorrow. In this offering, we will learn the story of Pierina Gilli, the surprising tale of the Rosa Mystica, and the triumph of the Black Madonna under seemingly impossible circumstances. After hearing her story, we will perform a ceremony together to unburden ourselves of any pain, stigma, unfair judgment, or unwitnessed suffering that might hold us back from our full and glorious expression of our divine radiance in the world, and we will hold a space of truth and justice for all those who have been demeaned, condemned, ignored, or suppressed.


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