The Dark Goddess E-Course

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A Six Month Immersion into the Shadows


Join Ananda Divine and Amber Zeta as we serve as your guides and facilitators to commune with the Dark Goddess, journey to the Underworld to endarkening your life and ascend to enlightenment.

This course is devoted to exploring your connection to the Dark Goddesses and Her varied attributes, with a deeper dive into “Her-story” as well as your own inner world. The Dark Goddess represents the energies of the womb, the void, and the cauldron of creation as well as the realm of the Underworld. Death, rebirth, regeneration are all ruled by the Dark Goddess. Her’s is the realm of shadows and darkness, of where we hide aspects of ourselves because we deem them too scary, too much, or not okay or unacceptable. This is also the space where we hide vital parts of ourselves, traits and experiences that, if integrated, can bring healing and transformation.

This course is for anyone who is ready go well under the surface to discover their hidden treasure. Do you long to know the Dark Goddess in a more intimate and personal way? Would you like to harness the energetic aspects of the Dark Goddess in navigating daily life? This course is for you if you wish Her to walk alongside you as you journey to your own personal depths and inner truths in a supportive environment.

The journey to the Dark Goddess can be seen as a rite of passage.

The journey truly begins at the point of transitioning to the natural cycle of death, bringing the traveler into the liminal space where it appears that all has been lost. Death is most often seen as a transition that is negative. Yet, death is part of life and life cannot continue without many deaths. These transitions may be endings such as the loss of someone we love, a relationship that has ended, losses of employment and even illnesses that are life threatening. Death and endings are part of life. Without it, we would be stuck in those dead end experiences, be it a job, a relationship, a friendship, a habit.

The dark phase of the Moon’s cycle is a phase of ending; of closure, one where life appears to end with no signs of returning. However, in this phase there exists the cycle of transformation that offers the traveler strength and courage to grow and integrate a new phase of life. The Dark Goddesses are guides that we can look to when we are moving through the dark times in our lives. In studying myth, we come to understand that the purpose of challenging life transformations is to have faith in renewal. The moon’s dark phase was once seen as a time of fear and is associated with death and isolation. Yet, this is where the seed is planted, the soil fertilized for the next harvest. The embodiment of these energies is the Dark Goddess.

Known by many names–Lilith, Kali, Hecate, The Morrigan, and many more, archetypally She represents death, sexuality, wisdom of the body and soul, as well as the unconscious, the dream realm, the pysche; that which is least understood, and often feared aspects of life.

Course outline:

We begin the course with Her Descent Phase, spending the first session reacquainting with the Dark Goddess and will immediately dive down in the Descent with the second session. We will winter right along with Her and the Earth as we explore our own depths, mining for lost parts of ourselves. As Spring emerges, so will we, and we will spend the rest of the course integrating the lessons we learned from the depths and incorporating the new information and energy.

November: Root (Wisdom)
December: Harvest (Death)
January: Germination (Creation)
February: Seed (Magick)
March: Fertilizer(Shadows/Shadow work)
April: Flower (Sex)
May: Fruit (Healing)

This six month program includes a monthly lesson, which includes information on the Dark Goddess, storytelling, rituals, arts and crafts activities, meditations, and journaling prompts, and a monthly zoom gathering. You will also gain access to the closed and private group on the Goddess Temple app, a social media platform for Goddess devotees and Divine Feminine seekers, where you can meet other like minded and share your experiences. We also offer support via email/messenger for the duration of the program. Additional support offered in separate sessions. The program also includes a one-on-one session with each instructor.

This course is for anyone interested in knowing more about the greater mysteries held by the Dark Goddess but please note that this course is NOT an intro level course. We cover advanced things! If you are you new to the Dark Goddess, but familiar with shadow work, this course is for you. Be prepared for things to feel uncomfortable at times. This course is NOT a substitute for medical or mental heath care and we encourage all participants to enter this course with their own support circle and structures in place. The issues of the toxic femininity and masculinity, limiting dualistic thinking, trauma, sexuality, death, grieving are among the topics addressed within the realm of this course.

Those wanting to reclaim their personal power, who are intrigued by the shadow side of human nature, and long to understand themselves better though personal growth and transformation will find respite here.

The Dark Goddess is She who calls us to express our inner nature and explore what has been repressed and forgotten. She is the one who sets us free from the need to hold on to the decay accumulated in our lives so that we are able to become renewed and transformed. Join us and allow yourself to be transformed towards wholeness.

Cost: $555

One Time Payment:

6 Monthly Payments of $92.50 



Meet Your Course Guides

Spiritual Intuitive, Goddess Expert & Priestess

Priestess Shananda is a Colorado based Initiated Priestess in service of the Goddess in all Her many aspects. She is a healer, who studied under the now Archpriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca, as well as a student of Lucumí before their Iyanifa transitioned to the realm of the Ancestors. Ananda, earning Her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, hones her skills in being an “empathetic observer of the human spirit… socially conscious… an envisioning creatrix.” Ananda, or “D” as she is fondly nicknamed, is an Energy Worker and Facilitator who intuitively utilizes her eclectic craft to understand the need for individuals to connect with their higher self through actively participating in their healing journey, as well as understanding that contemplating their purpose, nourishes the need for a sense of feeling empowered in an area of their life, and is wanting change that is doable, and sustainable. Ananda does this on an individualized basis, through spiritual treatments which incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Herbalism, Tarot, Divining. When D. is not serving as a Reiki Practitioner, or providing keen insight for her clients , she can be found Creating, Teaching, holding ceremony, leading Red Tent Moon Lodges, or Masterfully Harmonizing her inner world, finding new Adventures and exploring Natures Beauty.

Amber Zeta is a practicing eclectic global witch and priestess, who draws from a variety of metaphysical techniques and in depth study of religion. As a solitary practitioner of magick, she has been studying and practicing magick for over two decades and devotes her time to honoring the Earth and working with people to heal their traumas and grow their potential. A hands on and energetic healer, she facilitates transformation in everyday ordinary life with her clients. With a Master’s degree in Mythological Studies with a Depth Psychology Emphasis, Amber brings a rich tapestry of experience and wisdom to her courses and clients. The creatrix of the Dark Goddess Festival and co-creatrix with Willow Rush of the Dark Goddess Summit, she has been in deep communion with the Dark Goddess for the last fifteen years. She lives on the Western Slope of Colorado with her partner and enjoys Nature, hiking, walking, crafting, film, music, literature, and having a laugh as often as possible.