Dark Goddess Online Summit 2020 Collection


Presentations in this collection:

Sacred rituals to the Dark Goddesses
Tools to navigate our inner and outer challenges and major change
How to connect with your ancestors through altars, meditation, and rites
Ways to facilitate the dying and recently deceased in their journey beyond the veil
Finding the light of the Divine Feminine admist pain, suffering, judgment, and oppression
Honoring the sacredness of grief and working with the energy in a unique way
Tools to communicate with spirits of the dead
How to cultivate joy in the Shadows
The meaning of respecting the cycles of Life, Death, and Rebirth in our lives
How to craft with the elements to cleanse and create magick
Finding comfort in dark times
Empowerment from the gifts of the creator/destroyer Goddess
Explore your inner depths and psyche through journeying to the Underworld


2020 Collection

What participants have said about a few of the events… 

  • Rosa Mystica: Triumph of the Black Madonna

    “So grateful for this! Magical storytelling. Yeshe is a very skilled and compassionate priestess.”



  • Stuffed Animal Ritual for Love & Comfort

    “What an amazing needed inspiring ritual. Magic truly eases out of the vessel with we know as Melanie! Ase’ gratitude and Blessings.”



  • Journey to Hela

    “Thank you, that was a deep trance journey for me and I will be listening to it again!” 



  • Weapons & Boons

    “Thank you for expanding my horizons on Devis and the Demons. I particularly appreciated the story of the Goddess and Self-Doubt.”



  • Ancestor Veneration

    “Wow, I learned a lot of new information. I did not know I wasn’t supposed to use a black candle on the ancestors’ altar! I SO appreciated having the slideshow to go with it, too.” 


  • Puja to Kali Ma

    “This felt transcendent, powerful, and peaceful all at once.” 

  • Happiness is... in the Darkness

    “Your capacity to bring joy into the darkness is touching. After experiencing your meditation, I have a new approach to working with the energies of the Dark Goddess!” 



  • Grief & Working with the Dead

    “I never noticed I had grief in my body before. The meditation actually helped my chronic pain.” 


  • Blessing the Waters of the Cauldron

    “Thank you for connecting us to the energy within ourselves, your beauty, and bringing us to meet the goddess of so many names. You’re inspirational.” 


When you upgrade, you will receive;

  • Over 12 hours of content including ceremonies, rituals, meditations, storytelling, divinations, and talks.
  • BOTH video and audio  
  • Videos of the dance performances


  • PDF of The Dark Goddess Invocation
  • Audio meditations
  • Guided exercises to complement your work with the Dark Goddess
  • PDF’s of meditations from the events
  • and many more!