Thank you all for a truly magical Dark Goddess Festival this year! Well will be back in 2021! Please register at the button below to be notified of future events and offerings!

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Join this FREE celebration of the Dark Mother, The Crone, and the Veiled One. Explore your connection to such Goddesses as Lilith, Persephone, Demeter, Kali, Medusa, Hecate, and many more!

Live workshops, ceremonies, readings and performances dedicated to the shadows, the inner mysteries, and the Dark Goddess! 

Artist: Elizabeth Ogletree

The Dark Goddess represents our deepest desires, our primal instinctive side, and hidden knowledge as well as the power of freedom. In the shadows, treasure awaits.

During this festival, you can experience for yourself; 

• Sacred rituals to the Dark Goddesses
• Tools to navigate our inner and outer challenges and major change
• How to connect with your ancestors
• Ways to facilitate the dying and recently deceased in their journey beyond the veil
• Finding the light of truth and justice amidst pain, suffering, judgment, and oppression
• Honoring the sacredness of grief
• Tools to communicate with spirits of the dead
• How to cultivate joy in the Shadows
• The meaning of respecting the cycles of Life, Death, and Rebirth in our lives
• How to craft with the elements to cleanse and create magick
• Finding comfort in dark times
• Empowerment from the gifts of the creator/destroyer Goddess
• Explore your inner depths and psyche through journeying to the Underworld

Our performers have kindly pre-recorded their performances so that you may view them at any time during the three days of the Dark Goddess Festival! Navigate to the Performances tab when the festival begins.

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