The Dark Goddess Festival and Online Summit has concluded for 2022!


© Liz Olgetree Art
© Liz Olgetree Art

The Dark Goddess Festival & Online Summit dives into the dark feminine energies and archetypes in the multitude of ways that it manifests. The Dark feminine is often misunderstood, and information can be fragmentary and vague. This is partly by design, as the path of the Dark Goddess is a path of personal revelation. No two people will have exactly the same experience of her and her wisdom. But through our experienced presenters and performers, we can discover messages and practices that resonate with us and connect us to her. 

But we do not gatekeep the Dark Goddess and her energies in any way. All are welcome to seek her here without judgment. And, not all presentations will resonate with all participants. 

We invite you to choose your own adventure during the online summit. Let yourself be nurtured, refined, and challenged.

What types of treasures await in the Dark Goddess Online Summit?

Sacred rituals and meditations to the Dark Goddesses.

Empowering tools to navigate inner and outer challenges and major change.

Multiple perspectives and techniques for personal shadow work and soul work.

Learning to find wisdom and inner guidance amidst pain, suffering, judgment, and oppression.

Honoring the sacredness of difficult experiences and alchemizing them for personal evolution.

Respecting the cycles of Life, Death, and Rebirth, including all the messy parts.

Understanding the deep effects of trauma on our spiritual paths and personal connections.
Subverting the societal conditioning that prevents our showing up with authenticity.

Maintaining personal alignment during chaos.
Trauma-informed sacred sexuality in theory and practice.
… just to name a few. We have hosted more than 70 different presentations and performances in three years!